Why Invest?

The workplace is a great setting for health promotion as it directly influences employees' physical, mental, economic and social wellbeing(1) with UK employees estimated to spend around 60% of their time in the workplace(2).

Employers that invest into the health and wellbeing of its employees can improve the company's image, staff turnover rate and productivity(3), showing employees they're valued both personally and professionally. Workplace Activity Tracker is the technology-based solution designed to help employers promote health and well-being in the workplace.


Presenteeism is the act of attending work whilst sick and thus are not able to work to maximum efficiency. Not only does this cause a drop in productivity to around 55% costing your company money, but they also run the risk of infecting their colleagues. Help to keep your workforce fighting fit with the Workplace Activity Tracker and you could see a significant return on investment.


A number of studies have found a return on investment of between £1.85 and £3.55 for every pound spent just through savings from absenteeism(7). Furthermore a 1:9 cost savings ratio has been noticed in companies who invest in their employees' health(10).

Workplace Activity Tracker provides aggregated data of engagement, activity levels and CO2 saved in one centralised dashboard to help you understand your employees. Focusing on an outcomes-driven wellbeing program for your staff can help to reach the return on investment heights that others have seen through investing in employee health.


It is estimated that absence in the workplace costs the UK economy £14 billion each year, through a loss of 7.6 absence days per year per employee(3), and that preventable illness contribute to more than 70% of total health care costs(5). Workplace Activity Tracker can help your company to reduce absence levels and lost working days through empowering employees to take part in the activity that suits them. With over 100 activities to choose from archery to yoga the challenge is flexible to suit everyone's preferences.


The Workplace Activity Tracker gives employees a little healthy competition to spark engagement supporting both individual and group exercise. Features inspired by popular social networking websites enable your employees to cheer each other on while striving to achieve personal targets. Team challenges unite and motivate employees around a common goal and the gamified rewards help to drive engagement and change behaviour over time.


Designed to to allow users to earn both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards through achievement of personal goals and badges, or the addition of your own company rewards.